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Welcome to The Digital Explorer, a leading Strategy and Digital Transformation Advisory firm, empowering organisations to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape successfully.

About Us

Helping Businesses Make Sense of the Digital World since 2009

The Digital Explorer excels in sensemaking – the ability to make sense of, and give meaning to, complex information.

  • We distil complex data and trends into clear, comprehensible insights for our clients to underpin strategic decision-making and effective digital transformation.
  • We help business leaders cut through the market noise and digital technology hype to explore the broader patterns, trends, and implications of disruptive technologies for their business model and digital transformation.
  • We simplify complexity to enhance communication, engagement and collaboration, to foster alignment and commitment to their organisation’s digital journey.

Achieving Success in a Digital World

Providing business leaders with holistic insights and actionable advice.

Our Services

The Digital Explorer provides a diverse range of advisory services including.

Demystifying Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a complex journey that goes beyond the implementation of new technologies

Decoding Digital Disruption

Navigating the fast-paced digital landscape requires understanding not only the opportunities but also the threats that come with digital disruption.

Digital-infused Strategy Development

Our approach begins with understanding your organisation's vision, strategy and business objectives

Evaluating Digital Readiness

Our Digital Maturity Assessment service provides a detailed and holistic analysis of your current digital capabilities and readiness for transformation

Digital Skills and Competences

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, having a workforce equipped with the right digital skills is critical to the success of your digital transformation journey.

Mastering Digital Governance

In the complex, fast-paced world of digital transformation, effective governance plays a pivotal role in guiding organisations towards achieving their digital objectives.

Leadership Team

Tony Moroney, Principal

Tony is the principal and lead advisor for The Digital Explorer. He is a highly experienced advisor and has worked with clients in Ireland, the UK, Europe, the Middle East, the USA, Latin America, and the Caribbean. He specialises in strategy, business model innovation, digital transformation, and governance.

Tony’s career has spanned industry, academia and international consulting, underpinning his unique approach of blending these disciplines to develop strategic, context-rich advice for his clients. He is a regular commentator and presenter on digital disruption and has presented at numerous domestic and international forums

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